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Are you a Wedding Pro?

Are you a wedding pro?
Choosing a DJ

5 seconds…1 minute…30 minutes…1 hour…4 hours. How long does it take to create a lasting memory? You want everything about your wedding day absolutely perfect so that each moment of the day creates the perfect memory. But how long is each of those moments?

Each moment is important, but the moments brides spend the most time preparing for go by the quickest: The walk down the aisle is only 1 minute before a 30-minute ceremony containing your all-important “I Dos” which only takes 5 seconds, then you skip ahead to a dinner which takes about 1 hour. What happens next? The average wedding reception is 4-5 hours. This makes the reception almost 50% of your day and allows the greatest amount of time for you and your guests to make the most lasting memories. Your wedding ceremony is the “official” part and the memories made there are special but over very quickly. The reception is your celebration, and the right entertainment can make or break the celebration. If the goal of your wedding is to make the best memories, your “right entertainment” should be a Professional Wedding DJ.

What is a Professional Wedding DJ? Anyone who can operate an IPOD or a CD player is essentially a “DJ.” Someone who gets paid to play music and focuses specifically on weddings is a Professional Wedding DJ.

There are 4 key aspects to a Professional Wedding DJ:

  1. Emcee – The DJ will make announcements to your guests as well as handle all of your introductions.
  2. Event Coordinator – The DJ will run the reception for you from beginning to end.
  3. Music Selection – The DJ will work with you to choose your favorite music and integrate what you want into your reception.
  4. Interactivity/Personality – The DJ will treat you as an individual and work with the way you want to do things – not the way they do things for everyone else.

In Central PA, the DJ doesn’t only play music, but is often ends up being the wedding reception coordinator. Many reception sites may have a “wedding coordinator,” however this person’s primary focus is usually food and site-related.  Hiring a wedding coordinator is also a great idea – but you still need a DJ who can work well with that person in orchestrating a smooth (and fun!) reception.

It is the DJ who dictates the flow of the reception and organizes the many various reception events such as the introductions, toasts, and all additional events. A DJ experienced in weddings will know how to keep events moving so that you can relax and enjoy the event without your guests getting bored or wondering “what’s happening next?”  Specific wedding experience also is vital so that the DJ can handle anything unexpected that comes up without disrupting your big day.

When selecting a DJ, you should always select someone that will listen to you and work with what you want; after all it is YOUR celebration! The DJ should be willing to provide a reception plan that can be customized to build your reception around you, not label you as “Bride # 24601 – standard reception.” Meeting with a DJ before you book them will help you determine if you will be getting personalized attention or a standard treatment. It is also important that the personality of the DJ works with yours – and personality traits are not easily picked up in e-mail or a voicemail message. Another aspect of your meeting should be an opportunity to get to know the DJ that will be doing your wedding. If you are not meeting with the actual person who is pushing the buttons and speaking on the microphone at your reception, all the meetings in the world won’t matter because you will essentially be working with a complete stranger.

It is important to shop around, but when you shop, be aware that there is much more to the DJ than just the price. Don’t be afraid to talk to your potential DJ and ask questions. A one-line e-mail just asking the price will not work. If a DJ is willing to talk to you, they are willing to work with you; if they just give you a price, chances are they want to work for you and their priority is getting paid – not working to make your day special and memorable for you. If you call or e-mail 10 DJs to get prices, what do you really get? 10 prices. You know nothing about the company, the DJ, or how they will treat you and your reception. You should always shop for a DJ first and worry about the price second, because price doesn’t dictate quality.

Overall, your guests will spend the most time at your reception, so you want the reception to be as memorable as possible. It is your time to relax and celebrate one of the happiest days of your life. You want to make sure that your reception is in the hands of someone you can trust to lead you and your guests to a day full of special memories that will last how long? …A lifetime.

Eric Stoner of Nittany Entertainment has been providing Professional Wedding DJ Services for 15 years. Nittany Entertainment insists on providing the highest-quality customized wedding receptions.  For more information on how to create a memorable reception for your wedding contact Eric at…

(814) 231-2571

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