See the original article written by Monika, including her recommendations for keeping the gowns looking their best before display by clicking here.

Monika Manter is a certified wedding gown specialist at Balfurd Cleaners, offering expert cleaning, restoration, and preservation of wedding gowns and other fine textiles.  Balfurd is a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, an organization recommended by over 70...

So the hours of wedding planning paid off and everything went beautifully!  But now that it’s all over, what should you do with your gorgeous gown?  Your wedding gown is the most important dress you’ll ever wear—chosen because it, and every detail on it, is perfect for you.  Brides typically spend a big chunk of their wedding budget purchasing their gown so it only makes sense to care for it after the big day is over.  Here...

Emergencies happen on your wedding day but luckily, armed with some basic knowledge, you can handle anything that comes your way!  We handle a lot of wedding gowns and have seen it all!  Here are our 7 quick lessons in wedding gown care, before, during and after the wedding.

Lesson 1:  Silk or not? 

Every bride should know the answer to that question because the fabric of your gown means a lot.  Silk is a hollo...

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