October 27, 2017

While planning your wedding, you get tons and tons of advice on what to do. But with all the information about what you "should" be doing, what about the things you "shouldn't" be doing? Here is a little advice that sometimes gets given that you should not do when planning your wedding.

1. Ignore the weather

You may have found the perfect venue with the perfect view, and you can't wait to have your weddi...

September 8, 2017

You may feel like you are losing a limb by giving up your phone on your wedding day. What if there's a problem? You need pictures of the day! Relax - it's your wedding day - you shouldn't be focused on anything other than saying "I Do" and celebrating.

First of all, to keep your mind at ease about problems, appoint a day-of Contact Person. This person should be with you the whole day, and be in tune with the wedding plans....

The wedding ceremony is over and you are officially married. Now to toast the new couple! One event in the reception that is both anticipated and feared is the toast. I have been getting questions about Toasts recently...

Inviting children to weddings is always a touchy topic, but if you decide that your guest list can not handle it, your venue may not be ideal, or you don't want the extra stress of adding methods to entertain children to your reception, you have every right to have an "Adult Only" wedding.

How do you make sure of this? If the names of the children are not on the invitation, then it symbolizes they are not invited.  Some pe...

March 31, 2017

If your wedding ceremony and reception venue are in separate locations, there is usually a gap of time between the end of your ceremony and the start of your cocktail hour or reception. While you are off getting your pictures taken, your guests are on their own. If they are from out of town, or have come from a distance, what are they to do between the two events? Most likely they will head straight to the reception venue b...

September 23, 2016

As you are selecting your Wedding Professionals, what are some ways you are doing it? Asking friends? Reading reviews? Calling references? Once your wedding is over, there will be couples coming after you that will follow the same path as you and use the same resources as you. So once your wedding is over - share the love and help another sister out.

If your wedding day went great, write a review of your Wedding Pros on a...

This may be a question you find yourself asking as yourself a time or two during the wedding planning process.   While weddings are a joyful time, they are also an emotional time. The emotions may not always be positive; and the sad truth is that not everyone in attendance at your wedding may like each other. Whether it’s divorced parents, bridesmaids who disagree, or feuding family members, there could be the potential for...

June 24, 2016

You want your wedding guests to be celebrating with you all night long. Hospitality Baskets are a very simple collection of a few odds and ends placed in the restrooms that will keep your guests comfortable and feeling their best throughout the day.

Some of the items to include in each basket are:

Individually wrapped mints and gum

Tylenol or Advil

Antacid like Tums

Lint roller

Stain removal stick like Tide-to-go

Safety Pins


Receiving line: Do we have to do it and who stands in it?

When people hear the words receiving line, they cringe.  It is something less people are doing and no, it is not required at a wedding.  They do serve a purpose though.  As hosts of the event, the couple should make sure to greet every guest and thank them for coming.  Doing a receiving line will save the couple time from having to greet everyone at the reception....


If you will be having children at your wedding, even if it is just a flower girl and/or ring bearer, set aside a spot just for them with coloring books, puzzles, or games so they can entertain themselves during your reception. Even if kids love to dance and interact, your reception is a long time for kids to stay focused on one activity. Plus, their parents are going to want to have some fun, not babysit all night. Having...

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