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Your Love Has a Unique "Ring" To It

Written By Monteca Confer; Confer's Jewelers

So your Love is unique and you want a band to match it. Maybe a plain gold band is too traditional for you or maybe the groom loves to hunt and doesn't want a band that will scare the deer away. :) Consider a ring that is a little more "Exotic" and a little something different. If your groom (or you!) are a hunter, what about a camouflage ring? Consider a Mossy Oak Camouflage ring. The camouflage bands are made in Titanium or Black Zirconium. They are high quality and covered with hypo allergenic, Eco-friendly, scratch resistant coating. All the rings in this collection are available in widths from 5mm to 12mm and in size 3-18.

Camouflage Ring
Camouflage Ring
Camouflage Ring

There is also a line of military approved rings that servicemen and women can wear on active duty. They are non reflective, non conductive and scratch proof.

Maybe something other than traditional metals is more your thing. Another line of wedding bands features natural hard woods in the middle of Tungsten carbide, extremely durable and completely unique. Or what about a ring made from a meteorite?

Exotic Hardwood Rings
Meteorite Rings

One of the coolest and the most personal band you can have is one with your husband or wife's fingerprint inlaid in it. All of the bands in this Exotic collection are Made In America and have a lifetime warranty. Come see these wedding bands which can be customized to fit your style and your design.

So when you think about your wedding bands, you don't have to stick with traditional metals. The rings should be a symbol of your love and you as a unique person. Why not have a wedding band material that matches that?

All of the rings mentioned in this article available as part of Confer's Jeweler's line of bands that we call "Our Exotic Collection". This line specializes in offering something a little different. Whether you are looking for an Exotic ring, or a more traditional one, Confer's Jewelers would be proud to help you find exactly the wedding band that fits you.

Confer's Jewelers 100 North Allegheny Street Bellefonte, PA 16823

(814) 355-8836

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