A Wedding "Blooms" in Winter

Written By Bill Basom; Deihl's Flowers, Inc.

Often overlooked, winter offers a vast array of possibilities, when it comes to creating amazing and memorable wedding flowers.

Whether you are planning a very traditional and elegant Christmas wedding, a truly magical Winter Wonderland, or an all out New Years Eve Bash, the choice of flowers will greatly enhance your theme.

Winter Wedding Centerpiece by Deihl's Flowers

Recently we were asked to design flowers for a bride who had her heart set on a very wintery and icy theme. Silver and blue were also being incorporated. The end result included white roses, and white oriental lilies, with sparkly silver accents, and acrylic icicles, snowflakes, and branches. The centerpieces at the reception venue (see above photo) were stunning. Designed to be above the guests’ heads and out of their cross table view, they were supported by silver candelabrum stands. Notice how these pieces along with flocked trees, and blue chair cover bows, carried the illusion of the “Winter Wonderland” throughout the room, providing the bride with exactly what she had envisioned.

The Holiday Season and Christmas are always busy in their own right. Yet this is no reason to rule out this festive time of year for your very special day. Traditionally speaking, red and green are the colors of choice. However, during the season of advent in the Christian Church, you may take advantage of purple, or blue. Also bear in mind that many of the accents inside these buildings are brass, or silver. These metallic accents allow you to add sparkle, and glitz to your bouquets and arrangements. These could be in the form of ornaments, baubles, beading and the like. Another possibility that may be incorporated in your winter or holiday wedding flowers is the introduction of evergreen, holly, and pinecones to the floral designs. Also consider using specific pieces in dual roles. For example, a beautiful Unity Candle or Unity Sand arrangement need not only be used for the ceremony. It may be moved into the reception venue and used as a focal point on the head table or sweetheart table. In the photograph to the lower right, a beautiful iron gazebo encircles the wedding cake. Simply adorned with lights, this feature gives the cake it’s rightfully deserved place of distinction. The red and white blend of the bicolor rose “Fire and Ice”, along with white Eskimo roses, and their accents of evergreen and gold carry this traditional theme from ceremony to reception, and give a sense of unsurpassed style and elegance.

Christmas Flowers around Unity Candle by Deihl's Flowers

In choosing your flowers be aware that there are many different varieties available. Of course roses are always available, and in many colors and bi-colors, or blends. Also available from late autumn until late spring, are tulips. Lavender and White tulips will give a cool, icy feel to a winter theme, and reds will make Christmas bouquets pop, or consider all white or white and gold for a New Years Eve wedding.

Iris, Lilies, orchids and other tropical flowers, are also possibilities for a less traditional look. Gerbera daisies in shades of red will add amazing boldness to a holiday bouquet. The combinations are truly endless.

Winter Bridal Bouquet by Deihl's Flowers

A few other things to think about if you are considering a winter or holiday wedding, are as follows:

  • Many venues offer reduced rates for such events just after the holidays.

  • Many venues are already decorated in specific areas allowing you more in your personal budget for table centerpieces, and enhancements to your theme in general.

  • Although weather is without a doubt a factor to consider, think of using snow as a photo opportunity to your advantage. Also when it comes to weather understand that many venues of choice will do everything possible to accommodate you and your guests. Lots and walks will be cleared.

Deihl’s Flowers, Inc. takes pride in working with your theme and budget. We can create anything from contemporary to casual and traditional designs within many price ranges. Contact us today!

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