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New Trend: Decorate Your Venue With Vintage Wedding Gowns

Written by: Monika Manter; Balfurd Cleaners

A beautiful new trend for wedding receptions (or bridal showers) is displaying the wedding gowns of relatives at your venue. So many brides are pressured from their mother to wear her gown, and many just don't want to or simply can’t because it doesn’t fit! Instead, to still keep everyone happy, they can set up display areas at their venue where they can show their mother and mother-in-law's bridal gowns. Not only are these displays absolutely gorgeous but they add a really sentimental touch to your wedding. They are a gorgeous testament to different love stories within a family.

Vintage Gown Display

All that's needed to set up this display is a mannequin or dress form to display the gown on. Dig up some old pictures of your mom and mother-in-law on their wedding days to display near the gowns for a more personal touch. It's a gorgeous way to honor family members and display their dresses (which they probably thought would never be used again!). Plus it works for any type of reception from a quaint outdoor tent wedding to an incredibly elegant ballroom reception. All you have to do is match the frames and display of the décor to your theme. Everyone that attends your wedding will love looking at vintage gowns, especially those with sentimental value.

Vintage Gown Display

Some brides take it a step further and display gowns from grandmothers, sisters, or aunts too. This can be a great way to honor a deceased relative with pictures and candles in their memory. The best part is that it's a super budget friendly way to decorate for your reception. It takes up a lot of space and you have most of the items for this display already!

Vintage Gown Display

One thing we recommend is to make sure the wedding gowns on display are in good condition. Many gowns become wrinkled or discolored over time since they sit in a closet or crumpled up in a box for many years. Your display gowns should be professionally cleaned and pressed to really wow your guests. Even more importantly, take it to a cleaner who knows what they're doing, like one in the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Restoring vintage gowns is a tricky business, and you'll want someone who has a lot of experience with gowns to perform this service for you.

Vintage Gown Display

Monika Manter is a certified wedding gown specialist at Balfurd Cleaners, offering expert cleaning, restoration, and preservation of wedding gowns and other fine textiles. Balfurd is a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, an organization recommended by over 70 bridal designers and offering a lifetime guarantee honored by any of its 500 international members. All gowns are hand-cleaned and preserved using standard museum-quality practices and preserved in archival-quality wedding gown chests.

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