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Tips From The Mrs.

Written by Karen Stoner;

You can find tons of advice for planning your wedding. From “Experts” writing articles in magazines and on websites, to Wedding Planners, to TV shows – nobody is at a loss for finding tips on how to make your wedding day into that perfect storybook fantasy. But there is this nasty little thing called reality where small, normal-life things pop up that threaten to spoil that fantasy. As we’ve all heard, “Hindsight is 20/20” – the best way to prevent bad things from happening is listen to the people who have already been through what you are about to embark on and listen to what they have to say.

So who would know more about those real-life wedding-realities than women who have already been through a wedding? Here are some tips from real-life ladies who were once brides and learned a few things from planning their own days.

Before and During the Wedding:

-Designate a bridesmaid or mom to do a thorough beauty check prior to pictures. My hair got messed up from all the hugs in the receiving line tugging on my veil and NO ONE fixed it before the pics! (Thank goodness for Photoshop!)

-Don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes to change into at the reception.

-My parents offered me $5K and a ladder to skip the wedding. At times, I wish I’d just done that. (14 years and counting)

-Tell the photographer that you would like to go to your cocktail hour now, if he doesn’t mind… and…take the time to eat dinner and dessert at your own wedding. You don’t want to spend the next fifty years hearing about how good the food was when you never got to try it for yourself.

-Remember to actually enjoy the day. You spend a year or more planning one day, take time to take it all in and enjoy it. Don’t sweat the small stuff cause at that point you can’t do anything about it just enjoy.

-Drink lots of wine!

-At our wedding, two little Irish girls danced after dinner, but many people had gone to the restroom and missed the performance. My advice: if you have entertainment, let everyone go to the bathroom first.

-The details I thought had to be perfect before the wedding, turned out to be things that we don’t even remember after the wedding, or didn’t even realize were going on during the wedding.

-Pack a necessities bag and then put someone in charge of it. Don’t think you’ll remember it yourself, cause you won’t!

-Trust the people you hire – my DJ talked me out of something that I wanted to do, but he was totally right. If we had done it my way, it would have been a disaster!

-All you really need is the officiant and the paperwork. Everything else–flowers, cake, photos, etc.,–are extra. Keep focused on the marriage and don’t overemphasize the wedding.

After the Wedding (Yes, there is life after that one fantastic day!):

-NEVER go to bed angry. Sounds like a cliche but I have been with my husband for over 20 years and that was one piece of advice my Grandmother gave me that we have adhered to fully.

-Farting in bed becomes normal.

-LAUGH ALOT! Laugh at yourself, laugh at your spouse and lighten up and laugh at life especially married life or you will never get through!

-I was told by Uncle who was married for over 40 years at that time, and just before he passed away, to make sure we put one another first in all decisions and also to not lose sight on what your own needs are. We have always tried to keep this in mind.

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life – the one day that you are the queen of your world. And it should be – it is the day that starts a huge new chapter in your life. You should enjoy it! Listen to the experts, but don’t be afraid to ask people who have been in your shoes before. They have experienced (and survived) the things that you don’t expect to pop up

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