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Reception Trend Alert: Food Bars

Written by: Kaitlyn Myers, benches.

It’s no surprise that candy bars at wedding receptions are starting to feel a little overdone.

A few years ago, newlyweds began having candy bars in addition to the cake to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. It added an aesthetic aspect to the theme colors and it offered guests a favor to take home with them. But now, the novelty factor has worn off. “Everyone loves candy but the candy table concept has taken its last bow,” said Robin Naluai at the Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa in southern California.


Newlyweds have started taking a more unique, personalized approach to the candy bar by choosing foods and snacks that they both enjoy for their “bar.” I’m sure you know what food you like but here are some cute bars that I’ve recently seen:

Waffle Bar

Waffle Bar

Hot Dog Bar

Themed Potato Bar

Pancake Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar

Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

Frozen Banana Bar

Cereal Bar

Marshmallow Bar

Cheesecake Bar

Pizza (with fixin’s) Bar

Donut Bar

Bacon Bar

Yes, I said bacon…

Bacon Bar. Yes. Bacon

The sky is the limit! The more unique, the better. And remember that you can’t please everyone. If you and your fiancé love strawberry shortcake, but Aunt Marsha doesn’t like strawberries, you should still do the strawberry shortcake bar because it is totally cute and Aunt Marsha will get over it.

If you and your beloved don’t share similar taste buds, why not have separate “his and hers” food bars instead of having the standard signature cocktail drinks? Maybe the groom loves PB&J’s, but the bride obsesses over biscuits.

Baked Potato Bar

Some of you are probably seeing dollar signs at this point and it’s starting to scare you. But really, how expensive is pancake mix and syrup? Another thing to keep in mind is to not buy for every single person that’s attending your wedding. Some of the older people will filter out shortly after dinner, Uncle Ronnie will be too busy dancing to eat a flap jack, and some people will still be too full from dinner.

Whatever you do, just do it with love and make it your own…. and save me some bacon!


The Huffington Post /

Kaitlyn Myers lives in Centre Hall, PA and is recently married! She and her husband hand-crafted 40 benches for their 160-guest outdoor wedding and have started a business renting them out to other brides and grooms in Central Pennsylvania (benches.). They also have a refrigerated beer bar for rent! Visit their website for pictures and more details and find them on Facebook.


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PO Box 257 Centre Hall, PA 16828 Telephone: (814) 880-4150

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