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Hollywood Lied!

Bear with me for a moment. Hollywood has done Wedding Coordinators - and, ultimately, brides and grooms - a disservice. Father of the Bride is one of those movies to which everyone refers when I tell them what I do for a living. “Ohhhhh! You’re just like FRANCK!” The irony is that the climax of the film makes me a nervous wreck. Do you recall the actual reception? The father of the bride is put in a situation where he has to move errant cars, doesn’t get to have dinner, and misses the bride’s exit. He doesn’t get a single private moment with his daughter after he walks her down the aisle! I don’t find it funny at all. What use is a wedding coordinator if you or your family have to miss out on all of the fun? Franck (and, while we’re on the subject, J Lo’s Wedding Planner) have created a fluffy, frivolous, and EXPENSIVE picture of what a Wedding Coordinator does. Planning a wedding ceremony and reception isn’t a flawless process. Even for a seasoned entertainer, it’s emotional and overwhelming, not to mention that, no matter what your budget, you’re planning on spending more money than you’ve ever spent on a party before. If you put the right team of professionals in place, they will work together to essentially eliminate party-related stress, leaving you the time to pay attention to the most important part: the beginning of your married life. A coordinator’s main purpose is to guide you, anticipate potential hurdles and then overcome them with a minimum of frustration and expense. Think about it: someone needs to make sure the bridal party doesn’t miss a cue during the ceremony or make certain that there is a backup copy of the readings. Does the hotel have a conference luncheon in the ballroom that ends a mere 2 ½ hours before your cocktail hour? Your coordinator will work with the venue manager to create a strategy to have it turned, set, and decorated during that brief window. Having your ceremony outdoors? Is it raining? She knows the precise moment that the call for Plan B needs to be made … and when you can afford to wait a few more minutes for the skies to clear. Is there an extra person, are we short a centerpiece, is the Best Man drinking too much, is the flower girl refusing to walk down the aisle? At that moment, you can’t address the unexpected because you’re busy celebrating your wedding day. Your coordinator can walk you through and help you design your event, certainly, but she is also a mediator, translator, juggler, and magician. She will protect your interests, stand up for you, laugh and cry with you, and will tell you when it’s time to knock it off.

A good one is not simply a spender of your money or a helper to fold place cards. She’s your advocate, your muscle, and your event counselor. At the first meeting, she will take the time to get to know you and your beloved so that she can recommend perfect fit vendors who will realize your vision, no matter how simple or elaborate your plans. Moving through the process, she will guide you as you decide between boysenberry- or raspberry-colored linens and help you to weigh whether or not 1000 paper cranes at the reception are absolutely necessary (... and by the way, if the answer is yes, she’ll make it happen). She can save you money and time by knowing, for example, where you can most economically order your programs and guest book. She also has the phone numbers of local ceremony officiants in a rainbow of faiths in her contacts list. Need a Catholic priest or a Rabbi? Got’em. Want a Pagan ceremony? Maybe Quaker? She’s done that before, too.

The very best coordinator already knows that your aunts are bringing coffee cans full of wedding cookies and has a plan for what to do with them; she knows that your relatives from NYC will want their filet prepared rare and that your mother will lose her mind if she sees anyone drinking their beer out of a bottle. Your coordinator is the only one (besides you and your fiance) who knows about the surprise belly dancers or birthday cake for grandma and has 50 different ways in her head to throw a Penn State-themed reception. She speaks the same language as do your vendors and knows how to make sure that everyone gets what they want, but not by sacrificing what they need. The best part? She’ll do it so smoothly that you may forget that she’s there. I will concede that the movies did get one thing right: a wedding coordinator has a job that is exciting every single time. Yes, at times, we decorate and, yes, we look fantastic while doing so. Sometimes we may seem a little bit off-balance. The rest of it … well, why don’t you call one of the terrific event planning companies in the Centre Region and ask us?

If Franck is a little too snarky, judgemental and intimidating for you, try talking to Cori and Megan. They are high-energy and passionate about celebrations. You want a planner who knows everyone and everything about weddings. Having done hundreds of events, B Events has established strong relationships with local businesses. These ties allow them to have the unique ability of pairing you with the vendors that suit your personality and style.

B Events

State College, PA

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