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Wedding Tip of the Week: Do a "Reveal"

A “Reveal” (different than a “First Look”) happens after the ceremony but before any guests go into the reception. You and your new spouse take a moment and enter the prepared reception space alone.

The decor, flowers, table settings, and everything else that you envisioned and worked so hard to make perfect is ‘revealed’ to you - just you (and maybe a photographer or a few staff members), but no guests yet.

A Reveal gives the new couple a chance to see their hard work and vision come to life and to have a quiet moment alone together. Think of it as a calm deep breath to savor the moment with your new spouse between the scary part (the ceremony) and the fun part (the reception) of your day.

Bottom Line: Speak to your reception venue about arranging a Reveal before your wedding guests first enter the reception. It may just end up being one of your most vivid and lasting memories of the day.

Tip courtesy of:

Eric Stoner

Nittany Entertainment

(814) 231-2571

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