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Wedding Tip of the Week: Don't schedule massages or facials too close to your wedding day

You want to look and feel good on your wedding day, so a facial can give you a nice glow, and the stress of wedding crunch time has made your back scream for a deep tissue hot stone massage.

All of those things are fine, but do not schedule them the day before your wedding. Even if you routinely get body treatments, you could still have a breakout from a facial, and getting a massage always leaves the chance of being sore and feeling like a "wet noodle"- not how you want to look or feel on the biggest day of your life.

Bottom Line: Get a facial at least a week before your big day (or consult with your esthetician about her recommendations), and allow at least 2-3 days for potential recovery from a nice relaxing massage to avoid unwanted side effects.

Tip courtesy of:

Karen Stoner, LMT

A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy

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