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Wedding Tip of the Week: Avoid Bustle-Delays By Doing One Simple Thing

If your wedding gown has a train, you will want it to become more manageable after the ceremony. If the train is not detachable, it will need to bustled - and every dress has a different way to properly get that train secured, and it isn't always a quick process.

If someone other than your seamstress (such as your mother or bridesmaids) will be bustling your dress the day of your wedding, make sure that person or persons accompany you to your last fitting and ask your seamstress to teach them how your dress needs to be bustled properly. Take your phone and video how the seamstress bustles the dress. Ask the seamstress to go step by step and make sure it is all very clear - they don't mind! Many wedding receptions have been delayed and pictures ruined because of people trying to bustle a dress and having difficulties. Worse, if the bustle comes undone, the dress could get destroyed.

Bottom Line: Don't assume that your dress will be bustled the same as any other dress that has been bustled in the past. Even if you have a bridesmaid who has bustled a dress before, your dress probably bustles differently than the one before. Make sure the person bustling your dress learns how and what they need to do it properly.

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