What kind of champagne? Depends on when you will serve it.

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The two most common places champagne is served at a wedding are during the toast or with the wedding cake / dessert.

The taste of champagne can be very different depending on what is accompanying it. First decide when champagne will be served at your wedding, and from there you can choose the type of champagne that fits and tastes best.

Most sparkling wines are labeled "brut," meaning they're quite dry and contain less than 1.5 percent sugar. That dryness will make the wine taste metallic and bitter if served with sweet desserts. It’s flavor is better if served on it’s own during a toast well before dessert.

If champagne will be served with the wedding cake, pour one that has a sweetness that can stand up to the cake or whatever other dessert is served. Look for a "demi-sec" bubbly, with 3.3 to 5 percent sugar because it has the sweetness that will complement the cake.

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