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Men's Wedding Band Metals

There are many metals available for men’s wedding bands and couples are often wondering what is the best choice for them. Here is a quick, easy guide to help you decide which ring will fit your lifestyle.

Here is a summary of the ring metals featured:

Classic Metals

Cobalt Chrome - Cobalt is a bright white metal with a brilliant luster. Its weight is similar to gold but many times harder and more durable. Cobalt rings need no special care and can be worn in nearly any environment or condition.

Titanium - Titanium is a light grey metal with great durability and strength. Titanium rings are lightweight, comfortable, and long lasting with no need for special care. They are hypoallergenic, chemically resistant, and can be worn in nearly any environment.

Precious Metals

Precious metals include: 10K, 14K, 18K, yellow, rose, and white gold, as well as palladium and platinum. Precious metal rings are available in classic styles, in combinations with other materials, or as fully customized rings.

Ceramic & Tungsten Ceramic - Ceramic and Tungsten Ceramic rings are extremely hard and scratch resistant. Ceramic is electrically non-conductive and black all the way through. Tungsten ceramic offers a sleek two-tone look. Both materials can be brittle and may break if worn in abusive conditions.


Zirconium - Zirconium is available in all black, or two-tone black and white. It is also an excellent choice to highlight another material as an inlay. It is hypoallergenic, has incredible chemical resistance, and is very lightweight. Zirconium is an ideal choice for customization in a modern, black ring, but is not ideal for wear in rough conditions or activities.

Damascus Steel - Damascus Steel is made of two alternating types of stainless steel, forged together and worked by hand to produce vivid patterns. There are five distinctive patterns to choose from. Each Damascus Steel ring is unique - no two designs will look exactly alike. These rings are very hard and durable.

Carbon Fiber - Carbon Fiber is cut from a solid, seamless tube and inlaid with a 3-piece ring to create an authentic look and feel. Carbon Fiber inlays are lightweight, strong, and durable. It can be inlaid in any metal, and comes in both black and silver color options.

Really Unique:

Mokume Gane - A Japanese phrase meaning "wood grain metal", Mokume is made by forging together different precious metal layers, then twisting and hand working the metal into stunning patterns so each ring is one of a kind.

Meteorite - Gibeon Meteorite was formed in space four billion years ago. The rarity, origin, and pattern of each meteorite ring makes it a distinctive piece of art. Meteorite can be inlaid in any metal with 3-5mm inlay widths. Meteorite is primarily composed of iron. Everyday wear should prevent any rusting; however care must be taken to prevent oxidation.

Pure Luxury:

Elysium - Elysium rings are made of pure diamond. They are made from millions of lab-grown crystals fused together by incredible temperature and pressure. They are hypoallergenic, extremely lightweight, comfortable, will need no special care, and will never fade, dull, change color, or scratch. Elysium rings are the hardest, most scratch resistant rings on the planet.

Article Information Courtesy of:

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