Wedding Tip of the Week: Trend Alert - Hire a singer for a special song as a gift or tribute

A trend gaining popularity at weddings is the hiring of a professional singer to come to either your ceremony, reception, or rehearsal dinner to perform one special song that is meaningful to you or a family member. (Reception or rehearsal dinner is easier since the format of the time is more flexible, especially if you are having a religious ceremony.) This song could be a special gift to a spouse, parents, or a tribute to family members who are either deceased or couldn't be in attendance. It is also a unique gift idea to arrange for the couple from a family member or close guest. Bottom Line: A simple song can do many things - trigger good memories, pay homage, or be a memorable gift. If you are bringing in a singer, even as a surprise, be sure that someone in charge knows what is happening and has any needed equipment on hand. Be sure to inform the wedding planner, DJ, or banquet hall manager of the surprise so that it can be inserted into the plan of the day without disruption to anything else. Also, be sure you contact the singer with enough advance notice for her/him to prepare, practice, or possibly learn the song.

Some local singer resources include:

Elizabeth Webb Music

(814) 404-1420

Penn State School of Music

Contact Faculty Members who teach Voice for recommendations

Singing on Stage Studios

Contact for recommendations

For more singers and live performers, check out our Bands & Musicians Directory Category

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