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DIY Fall Leaf Vases

Here's a quick tutorial for an easy and inexpensive DIY vase that can be used to compliment your fall wedding decor. Enjoy!

Here's a summmary of the video in text form: You can also dowload these instructions here.

Materials Needed:

1. A Vase or other container (mine was purchased at the dollar store)

2. Leaves (collected outside)

3. Spray Glue (found at most hobby or craft shops)

4. Scissors

Project Steps:

1. Lay all the leaves out on a flat surface, back side up

2. Spray leaves with spray glue

3. Apply leaves around base of vase (be sure to leave an edge of the leaf hanging off the bottom)

4. Continue applying leaves to vase, overlapping each of them until you make it all the way around

5. Using the scissors, trim the bottom edges off and smooth down any rough edges

6. Fill with candles, stones, or other decorations of your choice!

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