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Wedding Tip of the Week: Print up a contact list for everyone involved on your wedding day, then giv

Even though you may have all the contact info of all of your Wedding Professionals in your phone, your dress probably doesn't have pockets. Make up a master contact list of every one of your Wedding Professionals who will be working on your wedding day (and perhaps the phone numbers of each member of the bridal party and parents) and print it out, then give that list to your mother, Maid of Honor, or your go-to-contact person so that if something happens, someone needs to be contacted, or you just need an update or clarification on something, you don't have to go searching for your phone or better yet, even bother yourself with worrying about it. Bottom Line: There are a lot of people involved in your wedding day, and even though you have most likely met with each and every one of the people you hired, the last thing you want to do is worry about contacting those people while you're supposed to be getting married. Printing a hard copy lets someone else can get in touch with the important people in case someone gets lost, plans change, there is an emergency, etc. Be prepared, but give yourself one less thing to stress about. (Oh, and when you decide who that go-to person is who will handle things for you the day of, let your Wedding Pros know who that will be so that they aren't confused if someone other than you contacts them.)

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