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Wedding Tip of the Week: 10 Questions to ask your DJ instead of "How Much?"

1. Do you have a contract and who signs it?

2. What all do I get for the price you’re quoting me?

3. Will you be our DJ? And if not, can we meet our DJ?

4. Do you work for this company only, or do you do freelance work?

5. Do you have insurance?

6. Do you MC the event as well as play music?

7. If there is an emergency on your end, what happens to my wedding?

8. How far in advance of my start time do you arrive to set up?

9. How can I expect you to be dressed when you show up for my wedding?

10. What do I have to do to hold my date, and how long will you hold it?

Bottom Line:

Professionalism, organization, and legal adherence can greatly separate good wedding pros from the bad. These questions can be a starting point to help you develop a conversation with your DJ to fully determine if you are comfortable and confident that they will be able to provide you with what you need for your wedding.

Tip Courtesy of:

Eric Stoner; Nittany Entertainment

(814) 231-2571

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