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Wedding Tip of the Week: Let your profession help decide your ring metal

If you work in a profession such as construction, military, emergency response, or any field where your hands could become stuck or trapped, consider a ring metal that breaks or cracks easily.

A swollen finger, turning blue, because of a lack of circulation needs immediate attention. If this is being caused by a ring cutting off blood flow, you have about two hours before permanent damage necessitates amputation. Many reputable ring companies such as Benchmark rings (American made) are 85% TG (labeled Tungsten Carbide) which makes them brittle enough to remove by breaking them off. Benchmark includes break points engineered into the ring making it even easier to remove at an accident site. American companies tend to have strict quality controls insuring safety features due to US product liability laws. This chart can help you see some of the differences in various ring metals:

Bottom Line: It's better to lose your ring than your finger in an emergency. If you are in a high-risk profession, make sure your ring will be able to get off your finger in case it needs to. If in doubt if a ring metal will be advisable for this situation, ask your jeweler. A reputable jeweler should be able to direct you to the best metal for your lifestyle.

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