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Include the Groom - Let him plan a special wedding night

You work so hard to plan your wedding, sometimes it is nice to let your significant other do something on his own. Planning a special wedding night is a nice place to start. Even though spending first night together isn't usually as ‘unique’ as it once was, it is still a special night. Consider letting your groom plan a special night for just the two of you, perhaps even in a location that is completely separate from where the rest of your guests are staying. Spending the night at a B&B or a small unique location nearby the rest of the festivities keeps you close by family and friends but gives you some privacy and a chance to be together for your special night.

Bottom Line: Your priority is the wedding day - and you work hard to make it great. By the time your day is over, it is time for just you and your new spouse. Despite spending the whole day together, you really won't have a lot of one-on-one time, and spending your wedding night in a quiet, special, unique place lets you start off your lives together in a special way.

Consider some of these locations for a special night away:

The Queen, A Victorian B&B

The Chatelaine

Bed & Breakfast at the Rock Garden

or find more options at our Hotels & Lodging page.

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