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Wedding Tip of the Week: 'Welcome Baskets': What are they, What goes in them, and do I need

If you have a number of out-of-town guests who will be staying at a particular hotel for your wedding, it is often a custom to have a small gift bag or other token that can be left at the front desk of the hotel to be given to your guests when they check in. Sort of a "Thanks for traveling for my wedding" gift. These welcome baskets can be filled with whatever you want such as items related to the theme of your wedding, or items showcasing you and your future spouse's favorite things. Something useful, since these people are probably from out-of-town, could be some local goodies, such as samples of a locally-made brand of food or beverage, a map of the area, and suggestions of things to do or places to visit while in town. Bottom line: Welcome Baskets are a nice little surprise for your wedding guests, but they are not a requirement. You won't be breaching etiquette if you don't have them. However, if you do, it doesn't have to be big - just something simple and thoughtful. You generally just have to drop them off with your selected hotel during the week leading up to your wedding, but check with your particular hotel to see what their requirements or suggestions are.

Need ideas for your Welcome baskets or other gifts? See what the Wedding Professionals in the "Gifts and Favors" category of our Directory can offer you!

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