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Addressing Your Wedding Invitations

There are multiple ways you can address your wedding invitations, and pretty much all of them are considered "Appropriate". Here are some of the most common ones:

Printed Wedding Invitations by Raspberry Creative, LLC

1. Printing - Depending on where your invitations are printed, sometimes you will have the option of printing your guests' addresses directly on the envelopes at the same time the rest of your invitation is printed. Pros: The look, ink color, and font will all match the rest of your invitation, making the look seamless. Cons: You have to have your invites list finalized when you submit your invitation printing order, and that could cause problems if you have last-minute invites or you find out an address has changed. Plus, it can often add to the cost of the printing.

2. Printed labels - Yes, this is an acceptable way of addressing your invitations. You simply type or use a word processing spreadsheet like Excel and a label template and hit print. Now all you have to do is peel-and-stick. Pros: Labels are readily available at most office supply stores, come in multiple shapes and colors, and are pretty inexpensive. They are easy to edit, change, or re-print if needed. Cons: You do have to have a little bit of computer word-processing knowledge plus a working, reliable printer.

3. Hand-addressing invitations - The most "Traditional" method. It's pretty simple: you get a blank pile of envelopes, and you hand-write the names and addresses on each envelope. Pros: The simplest, least expensive method that also gives your invitations a personal touch and can be updated until the last minute. Cons: Time consuming. Also can get frustrating if you don't have the nicest handwriting.

Hand Addressed Calligraphy Wedding Invitations by More Than Words by Michelle Edwards

4. Hire someone to hand-address them - Hire a calligrapher or someone who has artistic lettering skills to address your invitations. You give them the invites list and the blank envelopes and let them do their thing. Pros: You still get the uniqueness and personal touch of hand-addressed invitations without you having to take the time to do it. Cons: Every calligrapher will let you know how much time he or she will need to do your addressing which often can't start until after you have your invitations done so you have to factor that time in to your ordering and guest list finalization times. Pretty much any method of getting the address on your invitations is acceptable, as long as it is legible. How fancy or personalized you want it it totally up to you.

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