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Planning Your Pet's Perfect Wedding

It is with great excitement that the state of Pennsylvania has recently approved Bill# T716B414 which permits pets to legally marry. This bill, while controversial, comes with great joy to both owners and pets who have been waiting for legal veracity of their unions. Despite the passing of this bill, it still only recognizes same-species marriages. For dogs who want to marry cats, they must still sit and stay patiently until Proposition #K9FV1 which is currently being held up in the House, but expected to move on to the Senate by the end of this year. The new allowance of pet weddings is projected to become a million-dollar business and bring a much needed boost to the state's economy. With Pennsylvania being the first state in the country to legalize pet marriage, celebrity wedding planners are flocking to the state to advise and create the wedding of your cat's dreams. But if you can't afford David Tutera, here are some tips and advice for planning your perfect pet wedding.

Venue: Cats tend to prefer outdoor venues, and barn weddings are particularly popular. Be sure that the barn has been cleared of other small animals, and avoid booking double weddings with mice or hamsters. Sunny spots will make the guests very happy. Dogs however should avoid outdoor venues specifically since squirrels or other wildlife could cause the bridal party to disappear. The best bet for dogs is a ballroom or banquet hall with easy access to the outdoors for walks if needed. If looking at a hotel ballroom, just make sure the hotel is pet friendly. Food: Large sit-down meals are going bye-bye in favor of more station-style appetizers. Salmon and liver mousse served in individual crystal dishes, to varieties of game meat served on skewers, keep the guests interested and mingling, enjoying themselves without having to sit and stay during a long meal.

Cake: No chocolate here! Cakes are trending more towards peanut butter in place of the sweet brown stuff and ice cream cakes are rapidly becoming popular. Instead of the traditional cake cutting ceremonies, pets can opt to have the 'Cake Bite' ceremony, where the bride and groom are led to the cake, and they are given free reign to eat as much as they want as fast as they want until the cake topples over, then the rest of the guests may join in consuming the cake. It can make for some beautiful and moving memories. Decor: Multi Functional decor that serves both as decoration and as entertainment is preferred. For feline weddings, consider silk pillows, hanging ostrich feathers, and climbing towers covered with fine Berber carpeting. Not to be outdone, canine decor focuses on bringing fun and energy, so consider kongs made from imported peanut butter which would serve as both entertainment and a favor. Have on hand gold and silver Frisbees, ivory fetch sticks, and personalized tennis balls dyed to match the colors of the wedding's theme. Forgo the popular trend of up-lighting

and opt instead for club-style laser lights that shoot designs and patterns on the wall, and watch your guests go nuts.

There are many ways to make your pet's wedding the day of their dreams. Just be sure that it reflects the personalities and tastes of the happy couple. And if you haven't yet figured it out,

April Fools.

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