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Wedding Tip of the Week: Have a 'Kid's Table' with fun activities to keep kids occupied

If you will be having children at your wedding, even if it is just a flower girl and/or ring bearer, set aside a spot just for them with coloring books, puzzles, or games so they can entertain themselves during your reception. Even if kids love to dance and interact, your reception is a long time for kids to stay focused on one activity. Plus, their parents are going to want to have some fun, not babysit all night. Having a special area with some fun just for them keeps them from getting into trouble or getting in the way of everything else happening during your reception. Bottom Line: There is a LOT of debate as to whether kids belong at weddings. Ultimately it is your choice, but if you do have kids among the guests, don't expect them to act like and have the same preferences as the adults. Plus remember, your other Wedding Pros aren't babysitters. Your DJ, Photobooth operator, or banquet manager is there to do their job, not keep an eye on unsupervised kids - no matter how well they may interact with them.

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