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Wedding Tip of the Week: Restroom Hospitality Baskets

Wedding Hospitality Baskets

You want your wedding guests to be celebrating with you all night long. Hospitality Baskets are a very simple collection of a few odds and ends placed in the restrooms that will keep your guests comfortable and feeling their best throughout the day.

Some of the items to include in each basket are:

Individually wrapped mints and gum

Tylenol or Advil

Antacid like Tums

Lint roller

Stain removal stick like Tide-to-go

Safety Pins


Spray deodorant


Floss picks

Bug Spray (for outdoor weddings)

Additionally, include in the Ladies Room baskets:

Bobby pins

Hair elastics


Panty liners

Blotting papers

Hair spray

You might also include a simple sign (print it on your home printer and put it in an inexpensive frame) telling your guests that you have provided the items in these baskets for their use. Your guests will be greatly appreciative!

Bottom line: Don't break the bank or stress over these too much. Stick to sample or travel sizes of items and you will be able to build these pretty inexpensively. They don't have to be super fancy, but can help to not only keep your guests happy, but also carry over your wedding theme or decor into the one area that every guest will probably see at some point.

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