Wedding Tip of the Week: Trend Alert - Custom Cocktails

Custom Wedding Cocktails

Show off your personalities, favorite things or other special part of your lives with a popular trend - having a custom cocktail as an option at your wedding bar. Consider creating a drink named after your pet, follow the theme of your wedding, show off your favorite sports teams, or consider a "bride's drink" and "groom's drink" mixed to look like each of your favorite colors, or highlighting something you each hold special. You don't have to be a mixologist and create something completely from scratch - start with a drink or flavors you already like and talk to your bartender about what can be added/changed/tweaked to make it unique to your wedding.

Bottom Line: Custom Cocktails can be a creative and fun addition to your wedding. Just be sure you do use a licensed and insured bartender to do your mixing and serving so that you and your guests stay safe.

Need a Bartender to create your custom cocktail? Check out the bartenders in our Directory to mix up your perfect drink!

Custom Wedding Cocktails

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