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Wedding Tip of the Week: Provide good driving directions to your wedding location(s)

If you are having your wedding in a location that may be new to some of your guests, or a ceremony and reception in different places, be sure to provide good driving directions to get to everywhere. Ask your venues if they have specific driving directions that you can copy and send with your invitations, have the directions on your wedding website, or include directions to your reception in the ceremony program. You might also want to drive the route(s) during the week leading up to the wedding to make sure there is no roadwork or detours which will confuse your guests. You want everyone to arrive safely and on time!

Bottom Line: Don't assume that "everyone will just Google Map it". Not every one of your guests will be tech-savvy enough. Plus some remote farms and mountainous areas might not have good internet or cell service which makes GPS difficult to use. Also, with GPS, sometimes the street address may take you one place, while the actual event building might be off the beaten path a little farther away. Help your guests with good directions, and ask your venue what they recommend for making sure your guests are guided to the right place.

P.S. Make sure all of your Wedding Professionals also have these directions, too!

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