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Wedding Guestbook Alternatives

Wedding Guestbooks no longer have to be a plain white book that ultimately sits on the shelf and never gets looked at - they have become everything from sentimental artwork, to quirky, fun elements of your personalities. Here are some trends that are alternates to the traditional guestbook.

The non-video rundown:

Signed Picture Frames:

Have pens available to sign the matting of a picture frame. (Personal note: I did this for my wedding, and have it hanging on the wall - I love being able to look up at my grandparent's signatures and read their messages every day now that they are gone.)

Fabric Quilt Pieces:

Either have individual fabric pieces, or an already-completed quilt for people to sign, and the love of your friends and family can keep you warm.

Shapes Dropped in Frames:

This is popular and seen a lot because of the fun and creativity that is available. You basically have a deep frame or shadow box and lots of little shapes or items for people to sign, and as they sign them, they drop it in the box, making a completely unique piece of artwork.


Get artistic and keep the flow of your theme by having artwork with blank spots such as leaves on a tree, flower petals, balloons, or whatever your heart desires. As your guests fill in the blank spots, it makes the artwork into a totally new piece of art.

Photo Booth Album:

Most photo booth companies will provide an album along with your photo booth package. Your guests will get one copy of the photos, and a second copy gets placed in the album, which your guests are encouraged to sign. You get the best of 3 worlds with this option - a guestbook, the strips become favors for your guests, and the booth itself if a fun attraction at your reception.


A neat and fun idea - blank puzzle pieces that you can have your guests sign, then later assemble the puzzle and frame it, showing how all the pieces in your life come together to create something beautiful.

What will your guests sign?

For artists who can help create your custom guestbook alternative, check out our Decor & Decorations Wedding Pros, or professional Photo Booths.

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