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Wedding Tip of the Week: After Wedding Advice - Share the love.

As you are selecting your Wedding Professionals, what are some ways you are doing it? Asking friends? Reading reviews? Calling references? Once your wedding is over, there will be couples coming after you that will follow the same path as you and use the same resources as you. So once your wedding is over - share the love and help another sister out. If your wedding day went great, write a review of your Wedding Pros on a site like, Google, Yelp, or anywhere else you did your research. Let your Wedding Pros know that they can use you for a reference and be sure you share the names of the people who worked your wedding with your friends if they need the advice. Bottom Line: A kind word about your experience with a wedding pro can go a long way. When you are writing a review, just remember to be genuine, kind, fair, and avoid being petty. Your first-hand opinion of your experience with a particular Professional can make a difference to both the Wedding Pro and the next couple planning their wedding.

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