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Wedding tip of the Week: Details, Details… Share Them, Share Them -  with your Wedding Pros!

Be specific with your wedding colors

You have a certain vision with colors, styles, and more to create the right look and atmosphere for your wedding. But being unique means there are a lot of options to narrow down. If you want everyone on your wedding team to be on the same page, they need specifics. Ideas like "my colors are blue and purple" are great however - how many shades of blue and purple are there? To truly get everyone creating the right way, you need to be specific.

Share your details. Give your wedding pros the link to your Pinterest page, or clue them in to styles, colors, music, and more that you like. Share pictures of your bridesmaid gowns, a sample of your decor or flowers - anything that gives the correct shades and feels of what you are looking for. Whether your colors are light or dark can affect the lighting your photographer uses, your custom room lighting, your decor designs and more. You don't want navy blue napkins when your dresses and flowers are robin's egg blue!

Bottom Line: If any of your wedding pros ask you to fill out information about your preferences, styles, or colors, be as detailed as you can - those forms are not for them to make you feel busy - it is for them to get as much information as they can to make that picture in your head a reality. Good communication helps your wedding pros understand what you want and how you can best work together to create something perfect.

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