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12 Days of Winter Wedding Ideas - Day 6: Capes, Shawls, and Long Sleeve Dresses

Worried that a winter wedding will put a serious dent in your wedding gown options? Not at all! Your gown could have long sleeves to keep you from shivering and make your arms a work of art. Or if something strapless is your dream dress, the addition of a shawl, wrap, or cape can keep those winter winds away. Consider a family heirloom (you could have grandma knit something to include her in the wedding planning), or on the other extreme, a luxurious fur-lined princess cape. No matter the temperature, your style doesn't have to be frosty. With so many options out there, your perfect look overcomes the winter chill.

Flower Girls in Winter Wraps - Image Courtesy of Photographic Memories

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