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12 Days of Winter Wedding Ideas - Day 8: Cakes

How sweet it is! Your wedding cake is often the centerpiece of your reception decor and the highlight of the meal. For a winter wedding, you definitely want the cake to fit in with the theme. You could go so many different ways to make your cake reflect a winter wedding. You could go with the ice and snow and have the cake decked out with snowflakes and shiny crystals in cool blues, whites, and silvers. Or you could pull from winter's nature and use pinecones, holly, and evergreens. If your wedding falls in conjunction with one of the winter holidays, you can always make the cake more festive to correspond with the spirit of the season. Whatever the winter look of your wedding, your cake can perfectly match up.

*To find all the bakers featured in this video, visit our Cake Category in our directory.

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