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12 Days of Winter Wedding Ideas - Day 10: Greens and Reds

Your wedding colors can be influenced by a lot of things - your personal favorites, your surroundings, or even the seasons. For the winter, between the holidays and the holly and evergreens which keep their colors through the winter months, greens and reds are a popular color combination. Both are very rich, gemstone colors which can portray elegance and regality, but also can be interpreted as fun and playful.

The colors can be represented in many ways. Flowers, decor accessories, or even in the clothing of you and your bridal party. A fun thing about greens and reds is that if you are looking to save money by purchasing used or recycled wedding materials (or looking to make some money by selling yours afterwards), unlike snowflake-themed items, these colors aren't limited to use by winter weddings only, so they may be more easy to find and resell.

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