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12 Days of Winter Wedding Ideas - Day 11: Invitations

Your invitations are your guests' first look at your wedding's theme and style. A winter wedding needs to have invitations and stationary that reflects that. As with everything we have seen in our other winter wedding ideas, nature elements of wood, holly, and evergreens can give your stationary a festive feeling, while deep reds, blues, and greens convey coziness and togetherness. You also have free reign to reflect the cool snow of winter with sparkles, lacy cutouts, embossing, and satin ribbons. Lots of options.

Where can you get these invitations? Depending on the look and complexity you want, there are many ways. If you just want a simple design, you can purchase an electronic file online or design one yourself and either print it yourself or at a printer/copy place. If you are looking for more intricate cutouts or glitter, metallics, or other embellishments, your best bet is to meet with a stationary shop for a consultation on what they can do and create especially for you.

Find the stationers who can create your custom dream invitations here.

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