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Wedding tip of the Week: If you have important info on something breakable, make sure there is a bac

I recently attended a wedding where the seating chart for the reception was beautifully written on a framed mirror. It was lovely, went with the theme and colors, and provided the needed info for the tables. Unfortunately, the mirror was positioned on an easel in a prominent place in the room, and early on as guests started arriving, a child ran past the easel, knocking it over and --- CRASH! ---- There went the seating chart - shattered. Nobody was hurt, and the mess cleaned up quickly, but this was during the cocktail hour, so the bridal party, parents, and all other important organizers were not yet there and this particular location didn't have a banquet manager. As guests continued to arrive - where did they sit?

Fortunately the DJ had taken a picture of the seating chart because it was very unique, so all the guests were quickly instructed to ask the DJ for their table numbers, which he read off of the picture on his phone. A lucky break (pardon the pun), but it leads to the...

Bottom Line: It is a wonderful idea to integrate the important information for your wedding into items that can double as decorations, but - especially if the decoration can be broken or moved/lost, have a backup with the information written on paper and make sure someone not in your bridal party or immediate family has a copy. If your venue has a day-of coordinator or banquet manager, make sure they have it, otherwise consider appointing a friend or family member that might not be

with you taking those initial post-ceremony pictures to have the information.

Broken Wedding Decor - make sure there is a backup

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