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Spring Weddings in Happy Valley

Everyone loves spring, so spring weddings in Centre County can be just as fabulous. Here is what the local pros have to say about Spring Weddings:


H&K Weddings and Events - "Flowers such as cherry blossoms, lilacs, lilies, peonies, and tulips" are popular and in season right now.


Kit Henshaw of Harrison's Catering - "By springtime, people are hungry for brighter, lighter ingredients...the perfect solution for many is a wine country buffet featuring platters of poached salmon, grilled balsamic beef, and sliced grilled chicken served with Goat Cheese. Some of the seasonally accented hors d'oeuvres we serve are asparagus wrapped with prosciutto. Light entree offerings of chicken or fish, become seasonal by choosing entrees that bring in fresh herbs, like Harrison's Rosemary Chicken Salad. Seasonal fruit salsa is another colorful and interesting option."


Drew Frank of Meadow Lane Photography - "Despite when the calendar says spring starts, in most parts of Centre County, April can still look like December until about Mother's Day weekend."

William Ames of William Ames Photography: "Nothing says “Spring!” like flowering trees. If the venue has them, take full advantage. Depending on the exact time of year, you may find the leaves themselves on most trees, and even the grass, are a surreal shade of green. Black and white is OUT for those shots. Creating a frame with vivid green leaves and grass makes a nice Spring look. I often see photos from Spring weddings knocked to black and white, and this is a crime, if you ask me. It’s nearly as bad as removing the yellow, which is a popular trend right now. That neon-green of Spring is largely composed of yellow, so to remove that in post-processing is a shame. My “ideal” Spring shot is focused on the bride’s bouquet, framed with a flowering tree and nice green grass. It’s easy to take it from there. Rain? Finding a porch or other covered area usually works nicely for intimate portraits."

Colors and Favors:

H&K Weddings and Events - "Though it can vary, a lot of my spring brides seem to embrace using lighter colors in shades of pastels. Light pinks, yellows, blues, greens, etc. Guys are usually in gray colored attire."

B Events - "We're excited to see a color palette that we've nicknamed "Spring Twilight". Shades of lavender and pops of plum against a backdrop of vanilla. The linens are soft and delicate and topped with lots of lush greenery in vintage compote bowls. We're bringing the garden inside with trees and soft lighting. A popular sendoff this year is cones of dried lavender. It smells heavenly and is easily cleaned up with no damage to the environment."

Our great thanks to the Wedding Professionals who contributed to this article:

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