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Preserving the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake

How to save the top layer of your wedding cake by M&C Cakery

An old tradition states that you should save the top tier of your wedding cake to eat it on your first anniversary to bring you prosperity and luck through the years following the first year of your marriage. It is one tradition that many couples hold to, but what is the best way to keep that cake for a whole 365 days and still have it edible and not covered in freezer burn?

First thing to do is let your banquet manager, caterer, or whoever is cutting the cake for serving that you want the top tier of the cake kept and uncut just so they don't accidentally serve the layer. Afterwards, don't rely on your banquet kitchen or caterer to properly preserve your cake. They have good intentions, but usually their priority is getting it wrapped up and out of their kitchen so you can take it home - not really preparing it for preservation and making sure it is edible after a year.

Once you get the cake home, wrap up that top tier really well in a couple of layers of plastic wrap, then aluminum foil, and lastly put it in a ziploc bag. You can actually buy 2 gallon bags which will definitely fit, but a gallon bag may work as well depending on size. Then put it in the freezer. If your cake is covered in fondant, it is suggested to remove that layer before wrapping in plastic wrap. Lastly, to defrost, take it out of the freezer the day before your anniversary and put it in the fridge, then the morning of your anniversary (if enjoying the cake that night,) take it out and leave it bagged and wrapped on the counter until ready to eat.

Wedding Cake by M&C Cakery

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