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DIY Wedding Display Frame

This handy frame can be used to display pictures, escort cards, your seating chart, or anything else you choose. See how easy it is to make one yourself.

Supplies Needed:

A picture frame

Small clothespins



Paint (optional)

Tools needed:





1. Use the pliers to remove any picture holding tabs that may be in the frame.

2. Paint the frame, if doing so.

3. Determine how many and how far apart you want your strings to be, and mark the spots on both sides of the frame. (For my 17” frame, I put strings at 3”, 9” & 14”)

4. Put a thumbtack in a spot you marked, but don’t push it in all the way! Just put it in so it stays, but still sticks up.

5. Tie one end of the twine around the thumbtack.

6. Pull the knot tight and hammer the thumbtack all the way into the frame.

7. Pull twine across to the other side of the frame and repeat the tack-tie- hammer on the other side.

8. Trim the twine and repeat with additional strings.

9. Clip the clothespins on the strings.

10. Hang your pictures, cards, whatever you want on the clothespins.


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