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Wedding Tip of the Week: Sit down during your wedding dress fitting

When you go for your wedding gown fittings, you already know to bring your shoes as well as all the undergarments you plan on wearing, so that any alterations that need to be made will be accurate. One thing that many brides forget to do during their alterations is just as important. Many times alterations are done with you standing on a stool, facing a mirror while the seamstress pulls and pins and makes the dress fit perfectly. While yes, the main part of your wedding day does involve you doing a lot of standing still, you aren't a statue on your wedding day. You will be moving around and most importantly, at some point during your wedding day, you will (hopefully) sit down. Make sure that when doing your alterations and fittings that you sit down at some point to make sure that your dress still fits properly or the fabric doesn't shift funny while seated. It would be horrible if your dress looks amazing when you first put it on, but the minute you sit down, something goes wrong or you can't breathe for the rest of the day.

Bottom Line: Many brides (and seamstresses) focus on how the gown looks while standing, and you may be hesitant to sit in your gown before you are actually ready to wear it for fear of wrinkles or creases, but remember that clothing can fit differently when standing vs. sitting, so make sure you cover all the bases while the dress is being fitted and altered. Plus, if you sit for the first time in your gown while your seamstress is around, he or she can not only make sure your dress fits properly, but might also be able to help you learn how to best sit and move in your gown without doing a lot of damage.

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