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Make a Grand Exit

When I was dancing professionally, and something that I pass on to my students, is this piece of advice: When doing a big step or trick such as a triple pirouette out of fouetté turns or complicated leap or lift; if you land or end the step sloppy, off balance, or falling out of it, it doesn’t matter how great the trick was: People will always remember the end because it is the last thing they see, and that's what they will walk away remembering. You can apply this concept to your wedding. You want your whole day to be memorable but if you really want to make your guests keep talking about your wedding, have a big exit.

There are multiple ways to end your wedding and signal to people that the party is over. One of the more traditional exits is the old-school version of the money dance or bridal polka, where family surrounds the bride in a circle and the groom has to break through and carry his bride off. More current trends include a sparkler sendoff or confetti cannons as you exit the reception.

A newer trend takes these ideas but elevates it. To leave the reception, consider truly exiting in style. Do you know someone with a crazy exotic sports car? (or know somewhere to rent one for a few hours?) See if you can borrow or rent it for your wedding day. Keep it hidden until your guests come out and see this insane car parked outside, then you and your new spouse can fulfill everyone's secret dream and come out, hop into the car and drive away into the sunset, your veil blowing behind you in the breeze. Other exit ideas can be dictated through where your wedding is located. If you happen to be in a venue on the water, climb onto a boat and sail away. Or hop into a horse drawn carriage, or if it suits your personality, the back of a motorcycle or a horse itself!

Take into account your own personalities, your style, your hobbies, and your likes/dislikes as well as any restrictions of the venue or location you are in. This is also the last element of your dream day. It is a great chance to showcase a part of yourself that people either may or may not know existed, or truly live out that final wedding fantasy of exiting in grand style into your own personal happily ever after.

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