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Wedding Tip of the Week: If everyone's doing it, but it's not you - skip it

Wedding trends are advertised and highlighted everywhere. From Pinterest, to wedding magazines, to wedding blogs, to your friends' wedding pictures, then add to that pressure from family and friends who have been to other weddings, and "Oh, she did this at her wedding ... you HAVE to do it for your wedding!"

Trends are great and entertaining - be it a trending YouTube video or the decor trend that is popping up on every single search on Pinterest. However - just because it's trendy doesn't mean it is a solid law that you have to do it too. If the trend doesn't fit your style or personality - skip it. If you or your fiancé have two left feet, no amount of dance lessons will guarantee you create a viral first dance video (or it might, but not for the reasons you want). If you like the look of a traditional veil, you don't need to have a big flower crown. Just because something is trending, doesn't mean you have to have it for your wedding if it doesn't fit your personality and style.

Bottom Line: Many couples are pressured to follow trends due to what they believe they need to be doing because that's what they see in their searches, or because of pressure from family and friends. There are no rules for weddings. Your wedding is all about your preferences, tastes, and styles. Don't fall into a trend trap if it isn't something that is 'you'.

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