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5 Things NOT To Do When Planning Your Wedding

While planning your wedding, you get tons and tons of advice on what to do. But with all the information about what you "should" be doing, what about the things you "shouldn't" be doing? Here is a little advice that sometimes gets given that you should not do when planning your wedding.

5 things NOT to do when planning your wedding

1. Ignore the weather

You may have found the perfect venue with the perfect view, and you can't wait to have your wedding pictures reflect the beautiful settings, but one thing you can not ignore is the weather. Many a bride has had to scramble at the last minute to find a tent or relocate to another space because of a sudden rainstorm or snow storm. Don't assume that just because there is only a 30% chance of rain, or even if there has been a drought with no rain for months, that you are in the clear. Always have a backup plan ahead of time. It is way better to 'have it and not need it than need it and not have it'.

5 things NOT to do when planning your wedding

2. Cut the budget in the wrong places

The further your planning progresses, the costs can often seem like they are getting out of control, so the temptation comes in to cut a Wedding Professional or ease up on a service to save money and instead use a friend or family member instead. If you cut the wrong thing, it can cause more headaches than you are saving in money. Cut the sit-down meal in favor of just appetizers? Unless your whole wedding is under 3 hours, you'll have very hungry and cranky guests. Use a friend to run your Spotify playlist instead of hiring a DJ? Will your playlist play the appropriate music at the right time not to mention do the MC duties, announcements, as well as coordinate with other vendors? There are countless ways to cut back on costs, but be careful that you don't cut them in the wrong places.

5 things NOT to do when planning your wedding

3. Get a massage / facial the day before your wedding

You may feel like the day before your wedding you need to pamper yourself so you will look and feel your best for the big day. But facials can cause an initial breakout, and unless you get massages very frequently from the same person, a massage can make you feel either sore or like a wet noodle. In the case of spa treatments or bodywork, allow at least a week before your wedding to allow time for any unusual side effects to work themselves out before your big day.

5 things NOT to do when planning your wedding

4. Tell guests the wrong (too early) start time

This used to be an old-school piece of advice that still occasionally happens; Bride doesn't want anyone showing up late, so she prints her invitations with a ceremony time that is 15 minutes earlier than the actual start time to make sure stragglers get there on time. This is not only really poor etiquette, it can create major confusion for your vendors, the ceremony location, and anyone else who has your correct start time, and could be not quite ready when suddenly your guests who do arrive on time start arriving really, really early. If someone shows up late, it is their etiquette breach - not something you can control.

5 things NOT to do when planning your wedding

5. Have an "It's my day, my way - nothing and nobody else matters" attitude

I recently heard of an incident at a wedding where the weather was predicted to be in the triple digits and the whole wedding was outside, with no shade. Several vendors were going to be having difficulties with equipment overheating, cake melting, etc, not to mention the guests who would be very uncomfortable sitting in the direct sun. One member of the family volunteered to find, and pay for tents and other things that would provide some protection and shade but the bride refused all of it because she didn't want ugly tents or shadows in her wedding pictures. We have all read numerous stories of brides who make their bridesmaids jump through ridiculous hoops, purchase things they can't afford, and so on - all because it is 'her big day'. Your wedding day is supposed to be a joyous occasion where you invite your family and friends to celebrate and have fun - not a day where you alienate and endanger the health of your family and friends just so you can make your Pinterest-perfect fantasy a reality. Take a deep breath, decide if it really is a big deal, and think about what will make the best experience for your guests. Don't get so caught up in your picture-perfect fantasy that you end up turning your dream day into a nightmare for everyone around you.

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