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Break the Tradition: 4 Reasons To Not Smash Wedding Cake In Each Other's Faces

We've all seen the scene where the new couples cuts their wedding cake and proceeds to smash the cake in each other's face. Some people believe you have to smash the cake because it's a tradition, but here are a few reasons why you might want to consider breaking this tradition.

1. It ruins your makeup

You just spent an insane amount of time and money having your makeup done. Now your face is covered with icing - is your makeup artist still around to fix everything?

2. Dye in icing can ruin your dress

Although most wedding cakes are still traditionally predominantly white, colors are becoming more common, whether it is in the cake itself, or in the decorations. Imagine if a big chunk of blue icing fell on your dress - you'd have a big blue stain that would be costly to get out, and cause your photographer extra editing headaches.

3. You have to wash your hands and face - do you really want to run to the bathroom right after a big moment?

You are the center of attention, everyone is taking pictures, you've just had a big memorable event. Now that you and your new spouse are covered in cake, you both have to run to the bathroom to wash your hands and face (and see #1). It can really kill the flow and mood of the reception if the happy couple disappears for a length of time to wash up.

4. What exactly is fun or funny about getting cake smashed in your face?

This may be my personal opinion, the only time smashing cake is really funny or cute is in the case of a contest, or if you are a year old and sitting in a high chair. Once again, you spent a good amount of money on a lovely cake that you not only don't get to taste, but is basically being wasted, smashed all over each other's faces.

Just because things are labeled as a tradition, doesn't mean you absolutely have to do it. Especially if both you and your spouse aren't on the same page - there has been many a couple who have their first fight at their reception after one partner smashes and the other didn't want it. Perhaps this is one 'tradition' you might want to skip.

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