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Engagement Season!

"I'm Engaged!" That is the biggest thing heard this time of year. Thanksgiving is over, the holidays are approaching, so we are in the span of time when over 40% of wedding proposals happen, so we call this "Engagement Season". Here are some fun facts about this little season-within-a-season:

Are you one of the lucky ones who got an Engagement Season Proposal? Check out all that we have here at to make your wedding planning easy:

Visit our Directory of Wedding Professionals who all focus in the State College and surrounding areas to find all the professional help you need to make your wedding day a success.

Don't know where to turn next? Our Advice Articles come straight from the wedding pros who live weddings, so they know what works and what is fluff.

What is hot and trendy? We stay on top of trends to provide you Inspiration to make all those pieces fall together and help make your vision a reality.

Happy Engagement Season!

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