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First Things to do After Getting Engaged

Just got engaged? Where do you start? After taking a selfie with your ring, calling your parents, and letting all your friends know, you now get to start the fun part - planning the wedding. You've been pinning ideas on your secret wedding board on Pinterest, and scanning bridal blogs, but where do you actually start? What do you do first? Here are some of the first steps you should take when starting your wedding planning journey.

The first steps are:

  • Pick a date

  • Decide on a budget

  • "When establishing a budget to make sure you are having an honest conversation with your families with what they are contributing." - H&K Weddings

  • Select and secure ceremony and reception venues

  • Hire an officiant or minister if your ceremony is taking place outside of a church with a minister/priest

  • Plan a simple dinner or larger engagement party, especially if the two families haven't met or spent much time together

What comes next? Keep our Wedding Planning Timeline in mind for your next steps, or print out your own copy here.

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