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30 Second Wedding Show Survival Tip #4

Leave the Entourage at Home

You don’t want to make wedding decisions alone - and you shouldn’t!

But do you really need to bring every member of your family, plus every bridesmaid, plus all their kids? As we have said, wedding shows can be crowded and noisy.

Bring your fiancé and mom or MOH to help you with decisions, but fill the rest of the gang in later.

Kids especially can be difficult to handle during wedding shows. The crowds and the noise can be overwhelming, plus if there is a stroller - the space to walk is often not huge, so strollers create even more of a headache.

Still, I'm a mom, so I know it is not always possible to leave the kids behind. If they are old enough, click on the image below to download a free printable scavenger hunt that can help keep the kids occupied while you are busy doing your wedding planning.

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