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30 Second Wedding Show Survival Tip #5

Snap A Pic Of Who You Like

While at a wedding show, if you like what you are hearing from a Wedding Professional, and want to really remember them, use your phone to snap a picture of their sign or logo so you don't get home and say "Now what was the name of the one that I liked?" If your phone allows you to add captions or notes to the picture, make a quick note about what you liked about that particular person or company.

Yes, you will probably get a business card or flyer from the company, but don't rely on the business card alone - you will get so many and probably get a bag with flyers and cards already in it, so the card of the company you liked might easily get lost and confused. If you selectively catalogue who you specifically liked, it will help you sort everything out afterwards without being too overwhelmed.

You can also use this method to record any decor, cake, or flower ideas you see to save an idea for later.

If your phone doesn't allow captions or notes, you can snap a pic and either text or email it to yourself to keep that information handy.

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