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Fun Royal Wedding Facts: Queen Victoria's Headpiece

With all the excitement building for this weekend's royal wedding, I thought we could explore some well known and not so well-known facts about historical royal weddings. First up: Queen Victoria's headpiece.

While most members of royalty wore their best jewels including a tiara for their weddings, Queen Victoria didn't. She wore a simple wreath of orange blossoms with her wedding veil. Orange blossoms are meant to represent purity and the blessing of fertility, so many brides used them in their weddings alongside the traditional flower Myrtle.

It must have worked because she and Prince Albert had 9 children!

Also, her wedding was not the last time her veil was worn. Queen Victoria wore it again for a portrait commemorating her diamond jubilee in 1897, and finally, she was buried with her veil covering her face when she died in 1901.

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