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Fun Royal Wedding Fact: Queen Elizabeth II's Dress

Queen Elizabeth II has been the only Queen of England that most of us have ever known. But despite what we all think of royalty and their riches, they have to deal with many of the realities that everyone else has to, and the queen is no exception. Her country suffered greatly during World War II but she held herself to the same standards as the rest of her citizens, even when it came to her wedding.

Cloth and clothing were rationed following WWII, so the citizens of Great Britain were given coupon books that allowed them to purchase rationed items. Then- Princess Elizabeth also had to adhere to these rules and saved her coupons to purchase the materials for her wedding dress to give to the royal dressmaker. Citizens did try to send her their coupons, but the palace sent them back because it was illegal to transfer the coupons to another person, however, as the crown princess, she was granted a few more coupons than most people so she ended up doing ok.

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